WTFLabourLaw – The Summer Camp


Tomorrow, on Wednesday 29 August 2018, the first Progressive Labour Law Scholars Summer Camp “WTFLabourLaw – Working on The Future of Labour Law” is opening.
About 30 scholars from Europe and North America are gathering in Puglia, Southern Italy, to openly and freely discuss the future of labour law in the perspective of 5 themes: the environment, the migrations, the digitalisation and automation of work and the role of labour law scholars in society.
Along with the internal work, made of presentations, discussions, readings, projections of audiovisuals and redactions of material to be distributed in the next weeks, the Summer Camp evenings will be open to the public with 3 Public Talk and a WTFParty!

The Public Talks are:
– 29 August, h 19.30-21.00: “ILVA: is Environment against Labour?” – Giuseppe Antonio Recchia, born in Taranto and Researcher at the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari
– 30 August, h 19.00-20.30: “Bloody Tomatoes of Puglia: a Story of Migrations, Exploitation and Rebellion” – Madia D’Onghia, Professor in Labour Law at the University of Foggia; Claudio De Martino, PhD in Labour Law and President of the Association ‘’; Rosa Vaglio, President of the Association “Diritti a Sud” one of the starters of the Campaign “Sfrutta Zero”
– 31 August, h 21.00-23-00: “Human Labour and the Machines” – Roberto Ciccarelli, philosopher, journalist at il Manifesto and author of different books on labour (the last one: “Forza lavoro. Il lato oscuro della rivoluzione digitale”, DeriveApprodi, 2017) and Michele De Palma, Director of the Automotive Sector and Member of the National Board of FIOM-CGIL

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